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Resep Gluten free Sup Jagung – Light Corn Soup

Siapa sih yang ga suka jagung manis? 
renyah and manisnya itu bikin ketagihan, and this recipe adalah salah satu cara enjoy that sweet crunchy sweet tanpa harus banyak ngerubah rasa… 

and this recipe gives that light soup texture which you can enjoy anytime of the day… 
this is just the base recipe yah, you can actually add the things you like to enrich the flavor 🙂 

what makes this soup a bit different is the egg that was added at the very end of the cooking process, it enhance the flavor and add that light yet rich texture onto this soup 
very easy and my boys just love this meal 🙂 

1. 1 ekor ayam rebus dengan 1 ruas jahe, lalu ambil kaldunya, lalu suwir suwir dagingnya pisahkan / 1 chicken boiled with 3 cm of ginger, boil it until the water are only around 500-700 ml, take the broth to be use later on, and separate the chicken meat from the bone with fork like on the picture 
2. 500-700 ml kaldu / 500-700 ml chicken broth 
3. 4-5 jagung manis / 4-5 fresh corn, shaved the corn with knife to separate it from the cob 
4. 3 bawang putih / 3 garlic curshed and chopped
5. 1 bawang bombay / 1 onion, finely chopped 
6. 3 batang bawang daun / 3 spring onion 
7. sosis sesuai selera / sausages
8. 1 telur dikocok seadanya / 1 egg, beaten roughly 
9. garam, merica dan bubuk biji pala / salt, pepper & nutmeg 

1. Rebus ayam dengan air 1.5 liter sampai air menjadi setengahnya , selama merebus masukan bawang daun yang dipotong besar
boil the Chicken with 1.5 liter of water and leave it until the water are becoming half of the original volume. while boiling the chicken just throw the spring onion that are chopped into big pieces
2. Pisahkan ayam yang sudah direbus, lalu suwir suwir dan masukan kembali ke dalam kaldu 
separate the chicken from the broth, and separate the chicken meat from the bone with fork and knife, and put back the chicken meat that now become small pieces onto the broth 
3. Masukan Jagung yang sudah dipisahkan dari bonggolnya ke dalam kaldu, masak selama 10 menit 
throw the corn that allready separated from the cob, and boil for around 10 minutes
4. di tempat terpisah, tumis bawang putih dan bawang bombay dengan minyak dan api kecil sampai harum, lalu masukan ke dalam kaldu yang sudah berisi suwiran ayam & jagung manis
in separate pan, saute garlic and chopped onion till golden and smells good, and after that put the garlic and onion saute onto the soup broth that already has the chicken meat & corn 
5. masukan sosis yang sudah dipotong sesuai selera
throw the sausages that you cut into pieces onto the soup
6. masukan garam, merica dan bubuk biji pala secukupnya ke dalam sup 
add the salt, pepper & nutmeg onto the soup, and taste it 
7. langkah terakhir masukan telur yang sudah dikocok dengan garpu ke dalam sup selagi panas, dan saat menuang telur ke dalam sup, sambil dikocok dengan garpu 
turn off the fire, and pour the egg that you beaten with fork onto the soup, and while you are pouring the egg, you need to stir the soup so that the eggs are scrambled onto the soup 
8. matikan api lalu sajikan dengan irisan bawang daun 
add some fresh finely chopped spring onion and serve the soup 

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Resep Gluten Free Creamy Broccoli Soup – Brokoli Krim Sup

Broccoli is one of my fav vegie, too bad the boys didn’t like it as much as I did. So I have to find tricky way to make them eat this nutritious ingredients 🙂 

Most of broccoli cream soup uses heavy cream and cheese, which is not really healthy if you think about the calories etc.

And so I try to substitute heavy cream and milk with potato to keep the creamy texture of this soup… and yet again I realized this is one of that delicious kind of gluten free meal.. okay here we go… I will share this very simple delicious recipe  

1. 2 bwg putih dicincang kasar/ 2 garlic, crushed and chopped
2. 1 bwg bombay / 1 onion, finely chopped 
3. 1 Brocolli yang besar potong kecil  / 1 big broccoli, cut into pieces 
4. 3 cup kaldu ayam/ 3 cup chicken broth 
5. 2 kentang yang besar, dipotong kecil / 2 big potatoes, cut into pieces 
6. 1 batang selederi kecil / 1 small celery 
7. biji pala bubuk / nutmeg 
8. garam & merica / salt & pepper 
9. olive oil or you can also use canola oil 

1. Tumis bawang putih dan bawang bombay sampai harum
saute garlic and onion until its tender
2. Masukan kentang yang sudah dikupas dan dipotong kecil, lalu masukan air kaldu dan rebus sampai kentang agak empuk
throw the chopped potato into the skillet, and then add the chicken broth and boil the potato until it became almost tender (around 10 minutes) 
3. Masukan brokoli yang sudah di potong kecil, rebus selama 7-10 menit atau sampai brokoli empuk, masukin seledri lalu matikan api 
after that just put the chopped brocolli and boil for another 7-10 minutes or until it gets tender, and put in the celery 
4. Haluskan sup tadi dengan blender atau food processor sampai lembut 
blend the boiled soup with blender or food processor 
5. Panaskan sup yang sudah diblender itu ke dalam panci tadi, lalu tambahkan garam, merica dan bubuk biji pala. Rasakan apakah garam dan merica sudah cukup lalu sajikan. (option kalau mau pakai kaldu kaya royco juga bisa kok, dan menambah rasa) 
after the soup are blend, put it back onto the pan and use small heat then add salt, pepper and a litle bit of nutmeg. Taste the soup and serve 🙂 

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