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Easy Homemade Cooking : Dumpling Soup A.K.A Pangsit Kuah

Dumpling Soup Recipe a.k.a resep pangsit kuah 

okay tonight I will share you that simple dumpling soup recipe, 
the dumpling filling are made from shrimp and chicken (which is very easy to do) and what most important would be the broth… I uses chicken broth with that special fresh herbs… 

let me take you first on how to make the dumpling filling : 


dumpling filling ingredients a.k.a bahan isi pangsit :
100 gram shrimp 
100 gram chicken fillet 
2 cm ginger, finely chopped 
2 garlic, finely chopped
1 egg
2 spring onion 
100 gram broccoli (this is optional but I just love add vegies onto the filling)
1-2 tbs flour or corn starch 
1/2 tsp pepper
1/2 tsp salt or more 
1 tbs sesame oil 

how to do it : 
chopped everything finely, and mix all together in a bowl, add seasoning and eggs and the flour, easy right?

and how about the dumpling skin? okay I tell you this secret… we can buy it in the supermarket,
here i use the dumpling skin that I buy in the supermarket, its like on the picture
just take 1 tsp of the filling you made and put it in the dumpling skin and fold it the way you like it, oh ya to glue the dumpling skin when you want to shape it you can use egg white as the glue 🙂 

prepare boiled water, and throw the dumpling u made to the 
boiling water for a minute or two… and its done 🙂 

okay now come to the second main ingredients which are the nice soothing warm broth that we all like it, here is how to make the broth 

ingredients for the broth a.k.a kaldu :
1500 ml of chicken broth or beef broth
2 tsp of sesame oil 
2 cm of ginger, just chopped roughly
3 garlic, just chopped roughly 
1/4 tsp nutmeg powder
spring onion (use it the way you like it) 
salt and pepper 

how to make it : 
just boil the broth and throw every ingredients to the broth and cook it for 15 minutes and then you are done 

dumpling soup!!

now the last thing you need to do you just place the dumpling you boiled earlier onto the broth you created and put it nicely in a bowl… as for me to add some spice i like to add chili flakes… 
have it while its hot and add chili flakes… you will feel that warm sensation 🙂 

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